noun | hot·hous |
\ hot-hous\

1. an artificially heated greenhouse for the cultivation of tender plants
2. @ KGC jump, run, crawl, walk, bounce, laugh, cut loose, leap, climb, play and more in the hothouse that is our gym for cultivating the most tender plants – your sprouts!

Real Sports

Drop Off

Huddle up for real sports! Don’t be a sore loser, learn to play a team sport while acquiring team player prerequisites – good sportsmanship, sharing, communication and exploring group dynamics. Real sports advances essential motor skills. Your sprout will kick a ball with purpose, stop a ball, connect a bat to a ball and improve their balance through an introduction to baseball, soccer, football, basketball and track.

Benefits of physical play to childhood development:
• Improves hand-eye coordination
• Expands multi-sensory skills
• Introduces sports fundamentals

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Minis & Mighties

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KGC’s signature siblings’ class pairs your younger sprout and their older sibling for an adventure in development and communication. The siblings will begin the class as a group and then separate for age appropriate activities. Younger sprouts will explore textural surfaces with their hands and feet, while simultaneously learning to balance and gain more control. Older Sprouts will safely maneuver advanced motor skills such as jumping and tumbling, as well as exploring group dynamics. The siblings will reunite for play during their time in the Hothouse and will close with a group activity.

Benefits of play-base activities for early childhood development:

  • Advances gross motor skills
  • Increases social skills
  • Strengthens muscle control and balance
Monkey Doodle

Drop Off

Laughter, games, and fun! Sprouts will begin their adventure in our Nursery/Classroom to hone their skills. Specifically, handwriting, reading, letter & number recognition as well as sight word recognition. After all their hard brain work, your sprouts cut loose and explore their wild side in our safe and adventure-filled hothouse. Sprouts will navigate their way through obstacle courses by climbing up, over, and through challenging hurdles. Our unique structure provides the perfect environment for your sprout to safely maneuver advanced motor skills such as jumping, tumbling, rolling, hula hooping, & hanging. This class provides the best of both worlds – play based learning in the classroom and gym!

Benefits of play-base activities for early childhood development:

  • Introduces a love for learning
  • Advances gross & fine motor skills
  • Increases social skills

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Fort Build

Drop Off

Who doesn’t love to build a fort? Understand how to arrange different materials and elements to build a secure structure. Your sprouts will comprehend pre-architectural concepts such as the use of structural supports, spatial awareness, and patterning. Fort build steers the imagination to create big top circus tents, igloos, castles, superhero dens, and beyond.

Mondays 4:00 – 4:45 pm

noun | con·ser·va·to·ry
\kuh n-sur-vuh-tawr-ee, – tohr-ee\

1. a school giving instruction in one or more of the fine dramatic arts; specifically, a school of music
2. a greenhouse, usually attached to a dwelling, for growing and displaying plants
3. @ KGC join the Wind Chime Orchestra in our conservatory for a magical music experience

Wind Chime Orchestra

with parent/caregiver

The Wind Chime Orchestra with its high quality, kid-friendly musicians — a guitarist, a keyboardist, a vocalist and a drummer – will transport you and your child into a peaceful garden for a whimsical concert. Our musicians entice their audience with the garden gnomes, their helpers, using imagination to allow for the sprouts to join the band. The sprouts will be introduced to advanced music skills while mimicking beats and making original sounds. Dancing and bubbles will always be part of the fun under the willow tree!

Benefits of music to childhood development:

  • Stimulates social and emotional development
  • Advances language skills
  • Strengthens memory

Mondays 9:30 – 10:15

Tuesdays 3:30 – 4:15 pm

Thursdays 9:30 – 10:15 am

Fridays 9:30 – 10:15 am

Garden Beats

Drop Off

Explore music rhythms and beats on our Toms and Bongos with one of our Wind Chime Orchestra band members. The class will open with basic beats and grow more advanced. Your sprout will experience tactile and auditory sensations, while developing language and math skills.

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noun | green·hous |
\ green-hous\

1. a building, room, or area, usually chiefly of glass, in which the temperature is maintained within a desired range, used for cultivating tender plants
2. @ KGC water play, crayons, markers, play dough, paint and free flowing imagination are cultivated in this studio greenhouse

Intro to Musing with the Masters

Drop Off

Art history-based learning designed specifically for pre-school aged sprouts. This class introduces culture, food, dress and music from an art historical perspective. Sprouts will get a chance to muse and create projects about Van Gogh’s brushstrokes, Picasso’s playfulness, Monet’s watercolors, Escher’s positive & negative space, O’Keefe’s grandeur, and more. There is a special formula for this class: art history (knowledge) + books & pictures (visual stimulation) + creativity (from the children) = well-rounded students

Benefits of art to early childhood development:

  • Develops art appreciation
  • Strengthens problem-solving & critical thinking skills
  • Fosters visual-spatial abilities

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Cutesy Colors, Lines & Shapes Too

Drop Off

Learn primary and secondary color names and how to mix them, grasp shapes and their names and absorb big words such as horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines. Your sprout will get messy with paint, color with crayons & markers, manipulate play dough and make first refrigerator art — all in the comfort of our greenhouse art studio and not in your home!

Benefits of art to early childhood development:

  • Develop fine motor skills
  • Strengthens problem solving & critical thinking skills
  • Fosters visual-spatial abilities

Tuesdays 9:30 – 10:15 am

Thursdays 4:30 – 5:15 pm

Custom Class Time Can Be Arranged

Enrichment Class Pricing

$118 / month for 1 weekly class

$200 / month for 2 weekly classes $250 / month for 3 weekly classes


noun | nurs·ery |
\ nur-suh-ree\

1. a room or place set apart for young children
2. a place where young trees or plants are raised for transplanting, for sale or for experimental study
3. any place in which something is bred, nourished or fostered
4. @ KGC the home for our Rocket Reading tutoring program, which allows for rapid advancement in reading and math for ages 2 – 8

Custom Class Time Can Be Arranged

Rocket Reading Tutoring Program

Drop Off

More Information

This customized progressive curriculum allows for rapid advancement in reading and math. The small class size, maximum four children, allows for individualized learning and a customized experience. Sprouts thrive both academically and developmentally as they are engaged in play-based learning. The more phonics games they play, the more they learn and the faster they become proficient readers and mathematicians.

$60 for a 45 minute session

$45 for a 30 min session

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Custom Class Time Can Be Arranged

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