Mr KJ Teacher

Mr. KJ

Brian Wood

Favorite Color: Blue/Purple Favorite Kids Book: “The Old Lady Who Swallowed The Sea” Why you love teaching: I love teaching because it allows an opportunity to show children small life lessons that make a big difference in every aspect from how they treat their siblings, friends and classmates, to how to effectively communicate their feelings to someone else. Hometown: Dallas, Tx Work experience: Kid’s …

Miss Kierra Teacher

Ms. Kierra

Brian Wood

Favorite Color: Green Favorite Kids Book: The Old Lady Who Swallowed the Sea Why you love teaching: I love teaching because children are honest. I enjoy being around them because they teach me just as much as I teach them. Your home town: Dallas, Texas Your work experience: I’ve been a professional musician since I was 14 years old. I’m obsessed …

Mr Kwinton Teacher

Mr. Kwinton

Brian Wood

Favorite Color: Red Favorite Kids Book: To Market, To Market Why you love teaching: I love sharing the gift of music to young minds, and bubbles… I love bubbles. Your home town: Dallas, Texas Your work experience: I am a full-time musician and a conductor for Dallas Theater Center. I’m obsessed with: Kick-boxing Spirit animal: Hippopotamus

Ms. Leeat

Brian Wood

In addition to my wonderful roles of wife and mother, working with children is one of my greatest accomplishments. I grew up in Dallas and proudly graduated from The Hockaday School. I continued my education at Brandeis University, where I earned my BA in Art History. Upon graduation, I began my work in art galleries from Boston to Dallas to …