Monkey Around

Perfect for sprouts 2 to 6 years
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About this Class

Laughter, games and fun! Sprouts cut loose with their peers and explore their wild side in our safe, adventure-filled Hothouse. Sprouts develop and navigate their way through obstacle courses by climbing up, over and through challenging hurdles. Our unique structure provides the perfect environment for your sprout to safely maneuver advanced motor skills such as jumping, tumbling, rolling & hula hooping. As this class progresses so will your sprouts’ confidence in their abilities, peer interaction & attentiveness.


Class with Parent/Caregiver

Class Days/Times

By Request - Call to schedule!


1 Weekly Class $118
2 Weekly Classes $200
3 Weekly Classes $250

Room: Hothouse

Our large gym space for growing energetic & active sprouts!
Kids Playing in KGC Gym Room
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