About KGC

Kids Garden Club, or KGC, is dedicated to growing young minds in a stimulating, secure and privileged environment through our high quality, early learning enrichment classes.

KGC’s variety of classes, including art, music, and gym, sprout brilliance and superior skills to establish an immediate lead in the Pre-K world. We have developed our play based curriculum to inspire a love for learning, while fostering self-expression and exploration. Our professional and experienced teachers combined with small class ratios, ensure that each child is inspired to excel. Within our safe, clean and happy environment, children are guided to develop loving and trusting relationships with their peers and teachers. We believe that each child is a unique and precious gift entrusted into our care to realize their full potential. We offer first-class birthday parties on the weekends for ages 1-8, as well as cutting edge tutoring programs for ages 3 – 8. Kids bloom with us.

Meet Our Director

Ms. Leeat

In addition to my wonderful roles of wife and mother, working with children is one of my greatest accomplishments. I grew up in Dallas and proudly graduated from The Hockaday School. I continued my education at Brandeis University, where I earned my BA in Art History. Upon graduation, I began my work in art galleries from Boston to Dallas to NYC. After several years in the art world, I focused my creative skills in the television world on the West Coast. When my husband and I decided to have children, we knew we wanted to raise Texans! We returned to Dallas to start the next journey of our lives. I started teaching art to preschool-aged children and this blossomed into years of experience in developing early childhood programs, running someone else’s private early childhood facility and now, blooming my own kids garden.

During this chapter of my life, I have been lucky enough to mix all the passions of my life – family and early childhood education. I have two wonderful children to learn from and influence on a daily basis — Judah, 11, and Pesha, 9, as well as many other amazing little creative souls that allow me to nurture them. It is a pleasure and an awesome adventure to be involved in children’s individual creativity and discovery. It makes my heart swell to know that I am allowed to help inspire their ingenuity.

Some of Our Wonderful Teachers…

Mr. Kwinton

Mr. Kwinton


Favorite Color: Red

Favorite Kids Book: To Market, To Market

Why you love teaching: I love sharing the gift of music to young minds, and bubbles… I love bubbles.

Your home town: Dallas, Texas

Your work experience: I am a full-time musician and a conductor for Dallas Theater Center.

I’m obsessed with: Kick-boxing

Spirit animal: Hippopotamus





Mr. Sean

Mr. Sean

Band Director

Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite Kids Book: Jamberry by Bruce Degan

Why you love teaching: I like to see the kids’ reactions when they learn something new. Music is the universal language and I love getting children involved at such a young ages. Music is for everyone not just one type of person.

Your home town: Dallas, Texas

Your work experience: I’ve been a professional musician since the age of 16, and I’ve played in numerous bands and orchestra pits. I’ve spent the last 5 years building curriculum, leading and managing music courses for children.

I’m obsessed with: Cartoons. I love cartoons

Spirit animal: Tiger

Ms. Kierra

Ms. Kierra


Favorite Color: Green

Favorite Kids Book: The Old Lady Who Swallowed the Sea

Why you love teaching: I love teaching because children are honest. I enjoy being around them because they teach me just as much as I teach them.

Your home town: Dallas, Texas

Your work experience: I’ve been a professional musician since I was 14 years old.

I’m obsessed with: Kick-boxing and yoga

Spirit animal: Dolphin

Miss Lauren

Miss Lauren


Favorite Color: Cerulean Blue

Favorite Kids Book: Miss Rumphius by Barbara Cooney

Why you love teaching: I love to see the light in a child’s eyes as they learn something new or discover a positive experience. It is so rewarding to witness as they grow and explore the world.

Your hometown: Dallas, Texas

Your work experience: After graduating from SMU, I worked in marketing in the airline industry and then became the Student Information Coordinator for a charter school in south Dallas. I’ve always loved working with kids and have been with the team at Kids Garden Club since February 2018.

I’m obsessed with: my puppy, Josie! She’s a Cavapoo, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and miniature Poodle mix. I also enjoy tennis, travel, and music.

Spirit animal: A Hummingbird, because it symbolizes joy, lightness of being, playfulness, swiftness, and resiliency

Ms. Alyssa

Ms. Alyssa


Favorite Color: Pink

Favorite Kids Book: Corduroy

Why you love teaching: I was lucky enough to have a wonderful mentor teacher who allowed me to see how magical a classroom could be. I feel that I was meant to work with kids and experience so much joy in teaching them. I love being able to teach a kid a new skill or help them through a problem!

Your home town: Dallas, TX

Your work experience: After graduating from The University of Arkansas with a child development degree, I moved to Southern California to teach Pre-K. I have been teaching for two years now and just recently moved back to the area with my fiancé and joined Kids Garden Club!

I’m obsessed with: My puppy, Poppie! She is a sweet golden retriever who loves to play. I also love to read, paint, and cook!

Spirit animal: My spirit animal is a dog because of their trustworthiness, reliability, and perseverance!


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